Our Team

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  • James Crocket
    General Manager

  • Brian Walsh
    Sales Manager

    Brian comes to us from Alliston Ontario,  Via tropical Calgary, Alberta.  They don't make them much better than Brian.  He is forthright, hard working, and a great leader.  When Brain left Chrysler Canada Headquarters, he had many dealerships contending for his services, and chose Duncan Dodge, after witnessing first hand, the culture of the Cowichan Valley, realizing how incredible the people of Vancouver Island are, and how committed the dealership was to ensuring the people of Duncan were served professionally.  An absolute FCA guru, you can rest assured knowing you have a true professional working your purchase here at Duncan Dodge.

  • James Evans
    Sales Manager

  • Terry D'Aoust
    Sales Manager

  • Carla Dame
    Internet Sales

  • Jackie Good
    Lot Attendant

    Jackie is a retired Member of the Canadian Forces, and we are excited to welcome him to our family.  Jackie is as honest as they come, and wants each of his customers to have an incredible deal on every vehicle they buy.  His attention to detail comes from the Canadian forces, and spills into the service he gives his clients.  If you want a professional, who is committed to the details of your purchase, you should be asking for Jackie!

  • Jenny Deis
    Financial Services Manager

    Jenny was born and raised here on Vancouver Island, before relocating to Regina, Saskatchewan and raising a beautiful family.  We are thrilled, and lucky to have her back on the Island to look after your contracts, and ensure you are fully protected.  When she's not at work, you can find Jenny with her family, reacquainting herself with this beautiful Island.  At work, you find a true professional committed to giving each of her guests the absolute best service.  

  • Sean Ferguson-Costello

  • Todd Lecouffe

  • Kim Hamel
    Finance Manager

  • Richard Allouche
    Finance Manager

  • Shivan Anderson
    HR assistant

    Shivan can be found upstairs with our amazing HR team, ensuring we pay our bills, and keep the lights on.  Shivan is an absolute pleasure to work with, and brings a warmth and congeniality to our dealership.    

  • Kim Thompson

    Kim is one of the lucky ones to have been born on this beautiful piece of paradise we call Vancouver Island.  An incredible accountant, and an even better person, you don't find them any better than Kim.  When she is not at the dealership (which is super rare), you can find Kim with her amazing little man, Michael, or travelling throughout BC with her family and friends.  Kim likes to think she is good at Crib, but that's the reason we have best out of 20!

  • Susan Lundrigan
    Warranty Administrator

  • Melanie Gendron
    Service Manager

    Melanie joined us from our nations Capital, but is not a Sens fan!  Bilingual and hardworking, Melanie ensures all our service guests receive nothing but red-carpet, 1st rate service, while ensuring the work is done correctly, the first time.  She is usually the 1st person here, and the last to leave.  She has a beautiful family, and now calls Maple Bay home.  Pop in and meet our new Service Manager, and you will see 1st hand, the type of things we are doing to earn customers for life!

  • Michael Tanti
    Parts Manager

  • Eamonn Carter
    Fleet Manager / Sales Professional

    Eamonn is one of those guys everyone knows, and loves to talk with.  As far as genuine, and sincere.... they don't come any better. Also extremely hard working, and dedicated to his people.   Pop in for a biscuit, and a cup of tea with him, and find out why his guests love to work with him.  Born and raised in the UK, Eamonn has been in Canada for a large part of his life, so we decided to let him stay forever!  

  • Alanna Henry
    Director of Smiles :)

    Alanna is the wonderful smiling face you'll see whenever you walk into the dealership. She loves to tell jokes so make sure you ask her if she has one for you when you come in! Alanna often has doughnuts right beside her as courtesy, feel free to take one. Alanna is a huge help to everyone at the dealership and she loves to go above and beyond to improve customers experience.

  • Jacob Rolls
    Parts Front Advisor

  • Cory Klontz
    Service Advisor

  • Renée Zanon
    Director of Everything that needs Doing

    Renee's enthusiasm is contagious.  She comes to our store everyday, and makes everyone around her happier.  Coming from Ontario, and having the car dealership blood in her veins, we are thrilled to have her on the Island.  Renee loves the outdoors, and when she's not on our front line, you will find her out on the trails of the Cowichan Valley!

  • James Bond
    Facilities Manager

    We have our very own 007 here!  Mr. Bond can be found in Cow Bay at the end of the day, with his feet up, enjoying the beautiful lifestyle here in the Cowichan Valley.  Every dealership needs a Bond to ensure the place runs, drive exotic cars, and fight off Oddjob, and Blofeld, when they try to take over the world.  

  • Erika Sage
    Financial Services Manager

    Erika brings an upbeat, and fun attitude to work everyday.  Erika brings years of experience to the Finance and Insurance department, and knows exactly what it takes to get you approved at the best rates available.  Give her a call, or pop in the store anytime, and say hi :)

  • Brent Sheppard
    Journeyman Technician

    Brent is a beauty, and works his butt off here at the store.  Outside work, Brent is a dad, a hockey coach, and can be found travelling the province, ensuring his kids make the next tournament!

  • Nat Almond
    Apprentice Technician

    Nat is well on his way to becoming a Journeyman Technician.  Nat brings a calmness, and easy going demeanor to our shop.  He is very easy to talk to, and is extremely thorough with his work.  

  • Tony Wilson
    Apprentice Technician

    They sure don't make em much better than Tony.  He is an absolute pleasure to work with, and is always willing to help others.  Tony is also on his way to becoming a certified tech.  We all know that won't take long.  Tony has a beautiful family, and we are very lucky to have him!

  • Dan Peers

    Dan can either be the Beard of wisdom, or when he gets inspired, shaves, and becomes Bruce Wayne.....eccentric Billionaire!!  Dan grew up in the Valley, and you can find him out in the bush, enjoying everything, and anything outdoors!  An extremely good tech, and gets the job done right, the first time! 

  • Justina MacDonald
    Internal Advisor

    Justina is one of the friendliest people in the store.  When you walk in the store, hang a hard left, and you will find her in her little castle, working hard for everyone in the store.  Most places have a Jack of all trades..... We have a Justina of all trades!!!  She is the kind of person you can tell immediately has a kind soul.  Pop in anytime and say hi!!

  • Brenda Shelton
    Office Manager

    Brenda is an absolute peach!  She is the kind of person, who you can tell has an amazing soul, as soon as you meet her.  Try to talk to her and not smile..... I dare ya!!  You can find Brenda running up and down the stairs, fixing everything for everyone.  You're the best, Brenda :)

  • Rod Leynard
    Detail Manager

    Hot Rod is one of the most upbeat and positive guys in the dealership.  His enthusiasm shows in his work, as Rod is usually the last person to touch your new or used vehicle, before you drive it home!  Rod brings a wealth of experience to the detail department, and works hard to ensure our clients have a perfectly detailed vehicle!  Pop in and say hi to Hot Rod!!

  • Chris Belair
    Detail Professional

    Chris works his tail off every day to ensure your vehicle is in perfect condition.  Chris is new with us, from our Nations Capital!  He is also an established painter, and extremely talented.  Bring your vehicle by, and request Chris for a detail.  You'll be impressed!

  • Cameron Girard

    Cam is a great guy to work with.  He is always in a good mood, and has an extremely strong work ethic.  He recently completed his last year of school, and is now certified, and ready to take on the world! 

  • Dale Pearson
    Shop Foreman

    Dale is our Foreman, and can be found lending a hand to any of the techs who need it.  Dale is a Colleague, Dad, Husband, Grandfather, and an all around great guy.  We are lucky to have him!

  • Koos Reintjes
    Service Advisor

    Koos is the friendly face you see when you come to our service department.  Always ready to assist you get your vehicle going, Koos is an absolute pleasure to work with.  Koos has a beautiful family, and is very active in the community.  Pop by and say hello to Koos!

  • Bronwynn Clarahan
    Appointment Coordinator

    Bronwynn is one of the nicest people here in our store.  You can find her in our Service Department, ensuring your next appointment is booked!  Bronwynn started off as a client of ours, and after a great experience both ways, decided to join our team.... We are sure glad she did!!

  • Pav Hayer

  • Dave Picard
    Journeyman Tech

    Pickird is one of the most helpful guys in our store.  Always willing to drop what he is doing, to help others.  Dave and his family are also extremely involved in the community, and actively looking for ways to give back.  Dave is also a mentor, and a leader here in our shop, and leads by example!